The Best Candle Scents for Summer

It's not always easy finding a candle with an eye-catching container and a luxurious scent that can fill a room. To make your home more inviting, we're sharing summer candles that you won't want to stop lighting. See below for our top picks that are available right now on our website.


This fresh fragrance is a clean accord with soft subtle back notes of powder and musk. This candle is perfect to burn in a freshly cleaned house.

Fresh Linen is a light, uplifting scent that fills your home with the smell of crisp white sheets billowing gently in the breeze.

Your guests will be blown away.

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The Cucumber Melon fragrance is the scent of crisp cut melon combined with fresh cucumber making an irresistible summer scent for any home.

This candle is one of the freshest candles we have made to date. It's juicy and subtly sweet, just like melons, but has that clean burst coming through from the cucumber. 

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The beautiful fragrance of ripe, sweet tropical fruit balanced with tart, sweet citrus makes this candle perfect for Summer.

Every day is a beach day with this sweet and tropical candle. Sweet & ripe mangoes and tangerine will fill the room.

Shop this scent Here.

Have a scent suggestion that you think would be perfect for Summer? Message us!

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