How to Choose a Candle For Your Holiday Dinner

Are there certain scents you associate with each holiday season? Fragrances tend to be reminiscent for many people, reminding them of certain memories and can also spark the feeling that it is the start of a new holiday season. Scent can make a big impact in setting the seasonal tone when you’re entertaining, especially when planning upcoming holiday meals.  


Picking out the best candle to light during your holiday dinner can be difficult. Floral scented and super sweet-smelling candles are some of the scents that definitely are not the best choice to burn during a dinner. People don’t want to be smelling flowers or sweet scents when eating their food because scent can greatly impact taste. Fruity or floral scents can really clash with a meal, especially if the food is savory. The key is to burn candles that will help compliment the meal rather than take away from the experience of the food. 


The scents that tend to complement meals well during the winter months and holidays are woodsy earthy-toned candles. The holiday dinners during these seasons mostly consist of foods like vegetables and meats, which are complimented best by woodsy, earthy aromas. With these aromas, it helps accentuate the holiday feeling as well as the experience of the meals rather than taking away from it. You can even use woodsy, earthy scents that are specific to the holiday that is being celebrated to really add to the experience. 


In the spring and summer, fresh crisp scents as well as citrus tends to compliment those holiday meals well. Many people want a light airy feeling in those seasons rather than a stuffy cozy feeling. A citrus type of candle compliments the seasonal fruity flavors and drinks that are traditionally at these holiday gatherings. Most tend to prefer the cleaner, crisp, or light scents in spring and summer holidays over the strong and overbearing fall and winter scents. 

Make sure to match the scent of your candles to what you are cooking, as well as what you feel fits the occasion best! It isn’t always easy to find a candle that matches what you are looking for to complement your meal, however. In fact, sometimes it can be impossible to find exactly what you are looking for in a candle scent. To browse our scents, click here and find the candle that is perfect for you and your dinner party!

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